Focus Areas

FACCI’s vision is a Professional and Competitive First Australians Business Sector, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses have achieved Parity as Contributors to the Australian and Global Economy.

FACCI’s mission is to lead and represent the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Business Sector. Through our members, FACCI works to enable the economic capacity and entrepreneurial potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses in every, region, state and territory. Our nationally adopted policies and standards assist FACCI to maintain our relevance to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Businesses, Protect the Integrity of the Sector and, provide clarity to Government and the Private Sector.

FACCI’s work is categorised into six broad work areas:

Policy Advice

As the Peak Body, FACCI offers government a unique opportunity to consult with the First Australian Business Sector with absolute Confidence that all Suppliers no matter their scale or size are heard. True and inclusive consultation also enables government to properly plan the delivery of future business and wider economic development programs. It also ensures that scarce resources are allocated to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of All First Australians in business or seeking to start a business. Improved program relevance and delivery by Indigenous professionals will have a positive and significant impact on “Closing the Gap” in all social and economic areas for First Australians and create better economic efficiency across Government.

“FACCI’s policy advocacy & business representation is not for the benefit of only one client or narrow sectional interest”

We advocate for policies that support international best practice and a world class environment for doing business with First Australians. Our own policies are developed by and on behalf of all First Australian businesses in pursuit of an active, vibrant private sector, economic growth, job creation and a strong economy for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People that contributes to a healthier Australian Economy.


The FACCI Network of Indigenous Chambers of Commerce in each State & Territory provides a grass roots footprint that guarantees we are equipped to represent the interests of First Australian Suppliers across the Nation.

We advocate on issues of national importance and which impact on the First Australians Business Sector. Our aim is to use current data and quality research to share with Government for the development of evidence based policy reform and programs which maintain relevance as the Sector develops and continually improves outcomes for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Businesses.


On behalf of First Australian Suppliers we demand proper and robust regulation that ensures the integrity of the First Australians Business Sector is maintained. FACCI offers Government a unique opportunity to minimise the risk of error in regards to meeting the needs of First Australians in Business through business support and program delivery and to provide confidence to Departments in their efforts to achieve genuine procurement outcomes with First Australian Companies.


We are committed to empowering First Australian business leaders with the necessary skills and a platform to lead change for our people through the creation of Commerce and through the rewards that come from having the opportunity to participate in the economy. Through an education and awareness building agenda, FACCI will ensure First Australian business leaders are better positioned to contribute to the development of the sector and to the education of Government and Private Sector Enablers.

Capacity Building

FACCI believes Capacity Building to be the Number One Priority for a developing First Australians Business Sector and Economically sustained communities.

We advocate that Capacity Building Programs & Activities should be Regulated by FACCI, but Delivered by State & Regional First Australian Chambers of Commerce. FACCI advocates that Governments would be well positioned for quality program outcomes if they invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design and delivery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs. By doing this Governments achieve an additional return on program investment by growing the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisations such as Indigenous Chambers of Commerce and others. This is how we achieve faster economic growth for first Australians.


FACCI partners with committed governments and genuine private sector companies to guide the development of a highly resilient and competitive First Australians Business Sector in Australia. In representing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Sector FACCI seeks out respectful relationships that are aligned with or have a real desire to contribute to and enable Capacity.