About the artwork

The Corroboree of Business by Bibi Barba

The Board and Members of the First Australians Chamber of Commerce & Industry, extend a heartfelt thank you to World Known Artist Bibi Barba for donating her time and talent to create this important and meaningful Logo titled, “The Corroboree of Business”. Bibi worked with Deb Barwick, Interim Chair and Co-founder to capture the Story of FACCI. 

“This Logo depicts the Story of FACCI, a Magnificent Gathering of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Businesses coming together to share knowledge, to support and learn from each other, to celebrate and to align our efforts and resources to build and protect a Strong Business Sector and a Vibrant Economy. The inner circle  represents the gathering of each and every business from many tribes across the Country with every business as part of the journey shown by different ochre colours.

The outer U symbols represent the Indigenous Chambers of Commerce & Representative Bodies in each Region, State and Territory as Members of FACCI. The great U symbols with the black dots  represent the Board Members of FACCI nominated by Each State and Territory Chamber and responsible for ensuring we stay connected and united through our journey and that FACCI leads the Sector with integrity that reflects the beauty, the diversity and the resilience of our people.”

About the artist

Aboriginal Artist Bibi Barba

Bibi Barba was born in Roma, a town in the Maranoa district of South West Queensland, and raised in Liverpool, Sydney. The daughter of Aboriginal Featherweight boxing champion Buddy Claire, Bibi’s practice is inspired by her Grandmother’s storytelling and her love of the land.

Speaking fondly about her childhood Bibi says, “Every Sunday night, we’d go to Nan’s for dinner, and she would tell us stories of her life. She would say, ‘you have to go back home. Go home and get the feeling for your country. Feel it. Paint it’”.

Bibi did just that: “I adored my Grandmother. Even at 19 I would cuddle up to her, all the kids would. So I went back to the Australian Bush and started to physically feel my culture. That’s what she told me to do. In a way, I’m saying thank you to her in my paintings”.

Bibi’s paintings are instantly recognisable, merging a strong sense of design and colour with vivid stories of her culture. Having invented an original method for painting on silk canvas, her works have a vitality and rich lustre that compliments her use of repetitive patterns and motifs.

Bibi’s work is held in a number of private collections in Australia and internationally, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. She works closely with children and people with disabilities, conducting numerous mural design and art workshops. In 2015 she had the pleasure of conducting a private art workshop for the children of celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Visit Bibbi Barba’s website for more information.