After wide and extensive consultation, the First Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI) was established in April 2015 as the Peak Body providing a National and Global voice for the First Australians Business Sector. The FACCI model is designed to ensure that the voice of every First Australian business owner is heard, respected and supported in their contribution to the Australian Economy and development of the sector.

“FACCI has evolved through the combined leadership of grass roots Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Entrepreneurs and Business Owners committed to the development of a highly Professional, Vibrant & Diverse Australians Business Sector”.
Click here to play: “New Indigenous Chamber of Commerce launched” video from SBS

“New Indigenous Chamber of Commerce launched” video from SBS.

FACCI is built on strong foundations that:
  1. Acknowledge our history, our culture, and our place as First Australians.
  2. Reflect the strength and resilience of our Ancestors so that we may reciprocate their leadership to inspire and empower our Communities and Future Generations.
  3. Respect & Listen to the Leadership and Guidance of our Members and First Australian Business Owners.
  4. Value the significance and power of one United Voice.
  5. Welcome Enablers of Economic Growth and Capacity through effective Policy Reform and Access to the Nations Procurement Spend.
  6. Unite First Australians, Government and Corporate Leadership to provide specialised intelligence and advice on programs designed to meet the needs and aspirations of First Australian Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to establish and grow viable and highly successful businesses.
  7. Remove the barriers to majority owned and controlled First Australian Businesses.
  8. Demand proper Regulation, Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance and which establish and uphold the Integrity of a highly Competitive, Resilient First Australians Business Sector.
  9. Provide Reliable Evidence Based Research to inform Policy and Investment by Government to ensure maximum return on investment and positive outcomes for First Australians.
  10. Achieve a Platform for First Australian Business Leaders to share their experiences and their knowledge for the constant development of the Sector.


  • quote-marcia-langton-pic
    “As the peak body for Indigenous businesses, chambers and networks across Australia, FACCI provides a crucial platform for development of our sector and a robust policy environment.”
    Professor Marcia Langton AM
  • quote-brad-draper-pic
    “As a Director we stand and applaud you for all the work you have undertaken to establish the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry. FACCI truly is a milestone for Indigenous Business and a milestone that will lead to the achievement of strong and vibrant sector for our people and communities. FACCI empowers Indigenous Business by giving them a voice and vehicle to operate in the commercial world.”

    Brad Draper – Director, Kenjarhy Pty Ltd
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    “I am deeply proud to be here to witness the establishment of FACCI, we now have our own Peak Body in FACCI! Harnessing an opportunity on a national scale gives Indigenous Australians the economic boost that millions of dollars of welfare and good will can never do”

    Wendy Yarnold – Director, Real Futures Pty Ltd
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    “Trade and Innovation are not new concepts for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. There exists clear evidence that our people have been entrepreneurial and participating in an active economy for many thousands of years. The vast trade routes clearly show that the economy went far beyond a local economy with goods and services being traded right across the many traditional lands.”

    Professor Dennis Foley
  • quote-heath-nelson-pic
    “The First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a welcomed initiative as it will greatly assist the collection of valuable qualified and quantified data that guides our ability to make informed decisions in how we support the growth of competitive Indigenous businesses.”

    Heath Nelson – Fortescue Metals Group
  • debbie barwick
    “FACCI provides a forum for Indigenous leadership and entrepreneurship to work in partnership with Government and Corporate Australia to implement solutions as opposed to administering aid.”

    Deb Barwick -Chairperson, New South Wales Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • quote-laurie-mcdonald-pic
    “FACCI means the voice of our members in all parts of Australia can be heard by.”

    Lauri McDonald – Chairperson, Ngunnawal Indigenous Business Corporation Australian Capital Territory (NIBCACT)
  • quote-terri-pic
    “As an Indigenous Business Owner, it is great to be part of FACCI’s nurturing network. It helps us Indigenous businesses gather strength and knowledge that we can pass on to future generations.”

    Terri Janke – Terri Janke & Associates
  • quote-mark-brennan-pic
    “I am pleased to support the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI) and the work it is undertaking to improve the capabilities of Indigenous small businesses to compete for business both nationally and internationally.”

    Mark Brennan – Australian Small Business Commissioner